Cheetham Hill Construction Limited
50th Anniversary
Plant Hire

Askern Boating Lake

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

Value: £45,000

To supply and fix structural foundations for a decorative pedestrian bridge with a 13m span incorporated in the corner of a lake.

A water level control head wall was also constructed to maintain the upper level of the lake - it is spring fed and the levels alter after heavy rains. Works involved setting structural stone into the  soft silt lake bed, over a 1000 tons of stone was used to make two 15m x 6m barrages that formed the foundations for the two bridge supports.

Also a concrete foundation was constructed to carry pre-cast retaining wall sections, which formed the new leading edge and jetty side adjacent to the bridge. These were capped in granite faced slabs anchored with stainless coach headed bolts resin fixed into the concrete in-fill behind the retaining wall sections.

The bridge consisted of cast iron railings and a wooden deck and came in two halves. A temporary structure was constructed in the centre of the span to enable the two sections of the bridge to be supported whilst the bridge sections were bolted together. This structure was built from sleepers and strong backs and removed after the operation was completed. The bridge approaches were then surfaced with tarmac.

Carter House Swing Bridge

Halton Borough Council

Lakeland Boulevard Road & Bridge

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council